Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

A lot of people have a problem with my assertiveness when it comes to my blogs.  There are many of mine out there that I visit once in a while, tweak but never feel satisfied with and I know I’ll never be completely happy with what I write just like no one will be fully satisfied with what I say.  Get over it.

There’s this assumption, I think, that people write blogs for the sole purpose of gaining some kind of purpose to their already shitty lives.  They want people, complete strangers, to say everything is okay and the world isn’t that big, scary place you think it is.  People just assume that everyone will make them feel better.  Everyone’s comments will be fluffy bunnies and butterflies.

You’re wrong.

When you write your heart and soul onto the plastic box in front of you don’t expect people to care.  There are few that do.  It’s all fake.  The caring words are fake.  The smiles are fake.  Everything is fake.

So why do we get so upset when someone writes the truth in those little comment spaces?  Is it because you knew what the truth was but just couldn’t accept it?  Are you afraid that your deepest, most inner secrets are going to be exposed?  Ripped off like a band-aid.  It hurts.  This is what life is, people.  Life is full of pain and fear and suffering.  You will never be satisfied with what people say to you and every time one of those comments comes to light and you see how fucking true it is, you get on the defensive and you retaliate.

Speak up and say what’s on your mind but do it in a constructive way.  Take your life by the cunt and feel it up a good deal.  See what you get.


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