Weekend at Bernie’s

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m really looking forward to having a weekend alone.  Really looking forward to it.  However, I don’t have anything to do for the three days it’s just me.  I suppose I could watch movies all weekend as there are a bunch that I wouldn’t get to watch otherwise.  Still, that seems rather boring to watch movies for three days.  I could go for coffee but that’s not really something I could not do even when I wasn’t alone.  I could spend the entire weekend in my underwear but we have a leather couch so I don’t think that would be feasible.

I could do whatever I want so why is it I can’t think of anything to do.  I don’t want friends over.  I don’t want relatives over.  I just want me.  Heck, if it was really up to me I’d send the dogs to a kennel so I could really be alone.

The other day I did make myself a schedule of what I wanted to do just so I wouldn’t be sitting for long periods wondering what I could do.  There’s a lot of movie watching that I’d like to replace with other things but I have a feeling that I’m just going to do a lot of the same that I do every weekend.  Video games and movies.  What’s the fun in that?

This bites.


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